The best gauge of a company’s service is measured by its customer satisfaction.  Hear from a few of our current and past clients.

“Ken has a great ability to find technology that fits they way our people work.  He listened, asked questions, clearly identified our needs, and found solutions that work.  In our office we have users of varying technological expertise from beginner to intermediate.  We also have users on multiple platforms (windows, iOS, Android, and probably some others).  Ken integrated all these variables into one system that works for us all.

 Here are the nuts and bolts of what he did for us:  

  – Assessed existing POP3 email system used by the staff of SAPC and recommended a migration to Google Apps for Non-Profits, which is free for churches and other qualifying non-profit organizations; 

 – Applied for Google Apps for Non-Profits and shepherded through the approval process; 

 – Migrated ~20 users to the Google Apps platform, ensuring that contacts, calendars and legacy emails were uploaded to the cloud from a variety of desktop and cloud-based sources; 

  – Created organizational calendar and shared it with staff members, making it available for the church website and congregation; 

  – Set up users’ smart phones and tablets to sync email, contacts, calendars and documents with the platform; 

  – Conducted staff training session as well as one-on-one sessions; 

 Thanks, Ken, for a great job.”

– Tom Harris, Saint Andrews Presbyterian Church, Raleigh, NC


“I’ve known Ken for many years and have always enjoyed his intelligence, humor, wisdom, and creativity. He has worked on several computers in our office. He has done an excellent job of diagnosing problems and implementing corrections, not more than necessary. We’ve managed to save several machines (rather than scrapping them and buying new machines). I highly recommend Ken!”

– Jonathan Chapman, Keystone Consulting, Raleigh, NC


Ken is the most professional, reliable, expert and efficient IT consultant we have ever worked with. I cannot recommend him enough! To date, Ken has helped us on various projects, including: 1. Installed and configured database client on Windows virtual machine hosted by Mac OSX; 2. Designed, installed and configured local area network in a new office for a relocation; 3. Installed Verizon and Sprint network extenders to resolve poor cellular coverage in a new office building; 4. Installed and configured a VPN which provides remote access for employees to the company database and server. We will continue to work with Ken as our business continues to grow.”

Tammy Blackard Cook, Aspire Counseling Group, PLLC, October 1, 2012


“Ken was such a huge help to us as we set up our IT infrastructure for the first time. He made great suggestions for how things could work and kept both the one-time and the ongoing costs very reasonable for our expanding business. We really enjoyed having Ken around the office – his flexibility and patience made the process even easier. Everything is working well for us, thanks to Ken’s efforts!” 

Lisa DeBrine Baker, iCool Technologies, Raleigh, NC


“Ken has tremendous IT experience and has a knack for fixing problems and issues with computers. Ken is exceptionally patient – whenever I have had computer problems, Ken listens to what I have to say and works through the problems. It’s amazing how much faster the computer works after Ken has cleaned it up. He also offers excellent ideas on ways to make the machine work better.” 

– Dane Huffman, Raleigh NC


“I am a church administrator, and as is so often the case in the non-profit world, our systems are less than the latest and greatest. They tend to be elderly and cranky. When something goes south on us, I call Ken Carmack. Ken always comes quickly, and so far I have never presented him a problem he couldn’t solve, many times right off the top of his head. Ken has done quite a few things for us: in addition to general consultation on PC, networking, web hosting and email hosting technologies, he has been my troubleshooter for PC and networking problems; has upgraded PCs for improved performance; set up new equipment and transferred files and settings from abandoned PCs; removed ransomware virus infections; and squeezed the last few drops of performance out of old equipment. He does this on-site when necessary, but also provides support by phone and even remotely, which is very handy for me. In addition to being a magician, Ken is also just a good guy. I appreciate his disciplined, professional approach and his sense of humor both.” 

– Mark Turner, First Presbyterian Church, Raleigh NC


“Ken accessed my PC from a remote location, saving me from having to disconnect & actually take it in to a business or wait for someone to come to my home – which would have been very expensive. He assessed the health of my entire system and completed adjustments that significantly improved its performance. To say I am impressed and pleased is low praise for how I actually feel about his work. Ken’s professional knowledge truly exceeded all expectations! Amazing work.”

– Pam Liles, Raleigh NC


“Ken helped us remove multiple viruses from our computers and did so promptly and made sure everything was operating smoothly before completing the job. He knew exactly what needed to be done and went about getting the job done quickly and efficiently. His service went above and beyond our expectations. Top-notch. Can’t say enough good things about Ken’s work!!”

   – Brandon Bordeaux, Raleigh NC