Small Business Services

I want your hat: As a small business owner, you know which of your many hats you can’t wait to put on & which you’d happily never take off the shelf. If your technology hat is one that makes you cringe, let’s talk.

Small business owners use my services to make their technology work for them. We also implement  new technology, make existing technology more efficient and fix what’s broken.

Many businesses bring me in to resolve a single-issue on an hourly or project fee basis. Frequently, impressed with my efficiency & affordability, they begin calling me back to work on other issues. I evolve into “The I.T. Guy” for small business owners who don’t need a full-time tech staffer, but don’t want to waste time & money by having employees pinch-hit on tech issues outside their area of expertise.

With 20 years of IT experience, I’ve been around the mousepad more than a few times. As a small business owner and former CPA, I understand the big issues that keep business owners awake at night, such as security systems to guard client and business information.

Let’s get you back to work on the facets of your business that make you happy by letting me work on the tech stuff I enjoy.