Google Apps for Business

A Fully Integrated Email, Contact, Calendar, Document Management and Collaboration System

  •  Is your organization ready to take advantage of the cloud?
  • Are you still using an ISP’s domain name for your business email? (i.e.,
  • Are you using a paper calendar to manage your company and staff schedules?
  • Does your inbox contain one set of messages on your smart phone and a different set on your computer?
  • Do your outgoing messages get stuck in Outlook when sending from a public place, such as a coffee shop?
  • Do you need to access documents stored on your computer from your smart phone or tablet?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, the Google Apps platform may be right for you!

We have many ways we can help you. The best way to start is to contact us to discuss your current system and your organization’s needs. We will need at least 15 minutes to assess your current system and future needs and determine if Google Apps is right for your company.

Learn more about Google Apps in our case study on the implementation at First Presbyterian Church of Raleigh.

The Google Transition Strategy:

  •  Initial assessment – about 15 minutes to discuss current platform and your organization’s needs
  • Financial proposal
  • Implementation transition plan and timeline
  • Back up your current email, calendar, and contacts
  • Upload email, calendar, and contacts to the Google cloud
  • Sync Google Apps with smart phones and tablets (Android & iDevices)

Call or email today to get started! 

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