Internet Explorer Is Not Safe (AGAIN!)

Here we go again.  Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) browser is on the hit list once again.  The Department of Homeland Security has warned computer users not to use Internet Explorer until Microsoft patches the vulnerability.  A timeline for the patch is not yet available.

If you want a faster, more stable and more secure browser, install and use Google Chrome.  Other options include Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and the little-known Opera browser.  Don’t know which to choose?  Download them all and see which one you like.  I have used Chrome exclusively for years and find it to be fast, stable and secure.  Plus, it’s built by Google so naturally works well with all of my Gmail and Google services.

If you absolutely must use Internet Explorer, due to company security policy or proprietary web-based databases such as Yardi or NetDocuments, disable the Adobe Flash plug-in since that is how the problem is exploited in IE.  You can also download a patch from Microsoft called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1 which hardens systems against malicious attacks.

If you’re still hanging on with Windows XP, you’re stuck.  Microsoft is feverishly working on a patch for this vulnerability for Windows Vista and Windows 7 users.  However, following XP’s support sunset on April 8, 2014, there’s no relief in the future for XP holdouts.

Your best bet is to dump Internet Explorer for good and move on to a “big boy” browser!

Be safe out there.


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